Glass Production
Simplicity is a powerful business tool

All Your Glass Requirements @ any Place

ITA & Glass-Alliance jointly offer and implement

Complete Glass Production Lines

Greenfield Projects

ITA & Glass-Alliance will Plan , Install and support

all necessary equipment
all necessary services

The strong coordination, cooperation and information flow between ITA & the Glass-Alliance members is of significant value and benefit for customers

We offer a true „end to end“ product range, plus advice, support and technical assistance.Whatever you want, we have the answer.

We are with you in order to promote the international business and the Glass technologies transfer, from European countries towards the Gulf, Middle East and African countries.

For us, it means creating solutions that add value for our alliance and our customers.

The production of Glass containers is based on our innovative processes and a respect for the environment in order to satisfy:

The demands of our national and international markets.
The ability to create containers to meet product requirements.
The possibility to produce bottles in any one of the three superb colours means that:

Our Group is one of the leading producers of specialty Glass containers.

ITA & Partners are an environmentally responsible companies.


Has been established to provide the following service to glass container manufacturing companies:

Complete turnkey projects in the glass manufacturing
Green-Field Plant Planning;
Co-management of industrial glass factory plant.
Renovation of existing Plant;
Reorganization and Optimization of the production process.
Repurchase Agreement for the Glass Bottles in 5 years
Our team consists of technicians and specialists for the design of complex in several field of activities and in particular for the glass factories
We have in the group real top level specialist with 100 years of experience in Europe and on every area of the production.

In fact, the strong point of our group is the team of glass making experts which enables to develop a project of a plant according to the real production requirements and in the cheapest way, avoiding wastes and reducing the investment costs as well as the future running costs proces


Containers glass
Float- and Sheet glass
Fiber glass
Technical glass
Hollow ware
Table ware
Special heat applications

Business opportunity

The use of glass bottles and jars is the best solution for having a proper way for food packing naturally clean and the best manner of preserving products taste and quality.

The Food Packaging trend tends more and more towards glass packaging for many products, either for product preservation or for the value added to style that glass packaging brings to food products and finally because of the advantage to “SEE” the product inside.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain & Middle East may offer the best conditions for the production of these components at:

Low cost being the raw materials available at almost no cost.
Man power cost is much lower than in Europe.
The most important thing that will guarantee a quick and profitable return on the investment is:
The energy cost, dominant part in this type of production

We please you to take into consideration the fact that :-

The cost of production of glassware’s in Europe is 70% based on energy and 30% raw material like sand (silicium) and soda plus other minimum components

Opportunity statement

This project may have even 100% of the production sold before Starting the production even with share participation of well- known companies.
One of our partners is interested in a buy back contract for the import of goods for 5 years releasing in advance an irrevocable confirmed and revolving documentary credit, as per attached example, covering the total industrial cost.
Letter of credit that may be open before the opening of the L/C to the suppliers.
As alternative the buy- back company is available to accept even the supply contract with deferred payments for the 70% of the contract amount at.
2 years (short financing).
5 years (long financing) through Promissory notes duly avalized by buyer primary bank with interest.
We can organize even the marketing of the products and their selling in Europe and in middle east.


We bringing financing To buy a very high glass bottle manufacturer technology and repurchasing the bottles opening an L-C revolving for 5 years at the moment of your down payment for the project.

1 – Our company will sell to our customers the complete:

Turn-Key factory producing Container Glass
Advanced payment 30% at the Order
70% in 5 years with n.10 Promissory Notes signed by the customers and avalized by a customers Bank
Each Promissory Note will be due every 6 months starting the first year after delivery of the Plant .

2 – Our company will sign with our customers:

Repurchase Agreement for the Glass Bottles in 5 years
For the same amount of the Investment (Turn-key plant and civil work+building)
And will open the Revolving L|C subject the coming into force of the Supply Contract and the receiving in the Bank of the Promissory Notes Analyzed by the customer Bank.
We may commit with the buy-back agreement to buy a minimum quantity of 60 million bottles per year from each project that will be built and will return by using empty containers the packing materials received.
The actual amount of purchase contract in 5 years will be of 35.000.000 Euro; these values represent an amount higher than the cost project and this may be the value of the documentary credit to be open at the beginning.

3- After the stage, the investor will be able to operate autonomously throughout the world market:-

The buy-back contract, covering 5 year period,
Ensures the return of a sum equal to the initial expense,
Allowing the operator to make a name for himself amongst the many users of the product

4- We can finance up to 70% without bank grantee.

It is a sweetened successful offer to implement a line such as the glass bottles factory in the G.C.C area, for the following reasons:

The weakness of the offered industry in the region generally.
According to the researches, it was proved that most of the factories of juice and oils import their bottles and glass vessels from foreign countries because there is not a strong local industry for these products.
The Glass offer conforms with the current scientific orientation towards the alleviation of use of Plastic vessels, and the encouragement to use glass ones instead as glass is healthier.
Our Vision for Glass Plants in K.S.A. and Gulf G.C.C

The best areas for glass industry are The Saudi Kingdom, Qatar and Bahrein because there are plenty of the required raw materials with easy availability

Raw materials are very cheap in these countries because they are local and no need to import them.
The availability of the required labour, taking in consideration this industry doesn’t need a huge number of workers.
The harmony between our offer and the economic direction of The Middle East to focus on local industry.


We hope to have had the capability to evidence you with these few words that our aim is not just to sell a factory but to cooperate with you for the full success of the project for the time you would like to have us near you. In Saudi Arabia , Gulf & Middle East.

We have cooperation with top leader groups since many years.

We hope to have your group among our valuable customers.

We aim for continuous innovation in everything from eas of use to ecology.

Because our future growth depends on yours.

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