Ecotec and partners have many years of experience making Cold Stores, Air Conditioning Systems, and building large Walk-In Refrigeration enable it to implement large projects with the best qualities in this scale and recommend the correct dimensions and forklift door(s) to accommodate its customer’s product.  

Our production includes industrial refrigeration packages with screw compressors for Freon/ammonia/CO2, liquid chillers, heat exchangers, large-sized air-coolers, freezing tunnels, hydro coolers, vacuum coolers, insulation works, switchboards and microprocessor-based control systems, insulated doors, dock shelter equipment, specific carpentry works, etc. 

We provide refrigerating and freezing applications for all goods and food

Our staff of Commercial Refrigeration engineers will size your systems to perfection.

By dealing with Ecotec Refrigeration you save time and money. 

We do everything possible to ensure that you are having the highest quality refrigeration systems, made with the highest quality parts.

Our Refrigeration is your one-stop source for all of your Commercial Refrigeration needs. 


We can provide refrigerating and freezing applications for all goods and food.

Our partner company offers you preliminary services, installation on a turn-key basis, and after-sales services in the following fields:

Meat factory

  • Meat chilling rooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Freezing tunnels
  • Processing halls
  • Processing equipment

Fish factory

  • Cold rooms
  • Quick freezing tunnels
  • Processing halls
  • Plate freezers
  • Belt deep freezers

Fruit and vegetable factory

  • Chilling rooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Belt quick tunnels
  • Control atmosphere plants
  • Intercoolers
  • Citrus fruit processing plants
  • Fruit and vegetable processing plants

Dairy factory

  • Milk chilled rooms
  • Cheese chilled rooms
  • Butter chilled rooms
  • Cheese ripening rooms
  • Chilled water plants
  • Ice cream cold rooms
  • Ice creams hardening tunnels
  • Freezers for Icecream
  • Raw materials cold rooms

Ice factory

  • Ice storage
  • Flake ice plants
  • Block ice plants
  • Conveyor ice system


  • Ice-rinks plant
  • Heat pumps
  • Cold stores
  • Shipboard ref. plants
  • Belt deep freezers

Dates Factory

  • Chilling rooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Belt quick tunnels
  • Control atmosphere plants
  • Intercoolers
  • Citrus fruit processing plants
  • Fruit and vegetable processing plants

Temperature recording systems

Designing the proper Refrigeration System is just as important as planning the Walk-in Box or cold store. To design a Walk-In Cooler or Walk-In Freezer it is important to know how much product the Walk-In Refrigeration Equipment will be holding. What temperature is the product coming in atWhat temperature range do you want to keep the productHow fast do you need to product pulled down at optimum temperature?

Don’t know all the answers to these questions?

We DO! Because of our years of experience and our track record of hundreds of successful jobs, Ecotec and Refrigeration partners can help you design a Walk-In Warehouse that is exactly right for your company


  • Heat recovery systems and heat pumps
  • Steam generating plants
  • Industrial and naval air conditioning plants
  • Company for the refrigeration technique
  • Air conditioning Production Realizations
  • Polyvalent cold stores
  • Fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish processing lines
  • Freezing and warehouses installations
  • Units for the production of chilled or frost water for chemical,
  • pharmaceutical or petrochemical industry
  • Installations for ice-making or warehousing, both in blocks or flakes
  • Installations in the naval field
  • Climatization
  • Refrigerating plants for storage and deep freezing
  • Cold stores and rooms, for fruits, fish, and meat
  • Refrigerating plants for fruits and vegetables processing lines, fish, meat,
  • milk,  and soft drinks
  • Blast freezers, spiral, fluid, and plate freezer
  • Traditional automatic and/or prefabricated ice factories
  • Refrigerating plants on vessels, for fish, and transport of liquefied
  • gases
  • Cold stores and refrigerating counters for supermarkets


  • Refrigerating elements for food stores and supermarkets
  • Panels for prefabricated cold rooms
  • Refrigerating units for counters with remote dislocation
  • Centralized prefabricated refrigerating units for supermarkets
  • Refrigerating units split systems

We report then the 3 most important sections of refrigeration processing:

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning

Standard cold stores

We do not only offer standard cold storage houses, but also cold stores with modern equipment, tailored to the needs of their customers.

The service of offering tailored solutions does not refer to the building only.

Our team of highly qualified engineers is looking forward to giving you any advice you may require in the stage of planning concerning structural engineering and logistics; they will be in responsible charge of your project during the building phase and they will give on-the-job training to your members.

Developing financing concepts, responding in a flexible way to all extraordinary planning challenges, and meeting special requirements made to design and construction are vital parts of our everyday work.

Moreover, our staff members are pleased to advise you in choosing the right equipment for your cold store. Selecting the appropriate refrigerating equipment is a crucial prerequisite for the effective operation of your refrigerated warehouse. When choosing the refrigerating equipment,

We attach high importance to operational safety.

In general, all important components of the building (from the top edge of the foundation) are included in our range of supply and in our commitment to implementing the building,

  • Steel frame construction made of galvanized sections including calculated standard assessment of the safety case;
  • Roof covering and cladding for external walls made of trapezoidal steel sheets coated on both sides;
  • Cold store walls and ceilings made of insulating panels with sheet steel cover and a polyurethane element with very high thermal resistance, U-value at least 0.17 W/m²K;
  • Sliding doors for cold stores (to be opened manually), with PVC strip curtain, frame heater, incorporated in the door, and inside emergency opening lever;
  • Necessary barrier layers inside the floor, high-pressure proof heat insulation plates for the ceiling, electric anti-freeze heating for the ceiling;
  • Necessary refrigeration engineering components, cold generation, pipelines, liquefier installations, and evaporators.

Optional features can be integrated on customer’s request, e. g.

Emergency call unitsair curtains for doors, automatic door opening mechanisms, video monitoring installations, terminals for time recording and access control, weighing systemsloading bridges in various versionssectional doors with docking locks, etc.

Ecotec and partners with a customer focus matched to our years of experience in the refrigeration industry, plus the comprehensive documentation that customers demand,

We aim to ensure that we retain our position as one of the leading independent providers of refrigeration systems worldwide.

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