Petrochemical Industries

Ecotec with partners offers manufacture for Petrochemical sector industries with a major emphasis on providing the best kinds of machineries with high quality and good price.

We do provide our customers in each of the areas of our business with a comprehensiverange of services.

We do utilize the wholeness and linkage of our offer as a competitive edge.

The synergies resulting from mutual interconnection of experiences, contacts and capital

are the source of our effectiveness and further development

We specialize in systems requiring value addition in the areas of Mechanical, Electronic & Instrumentation.

We specialize in Chemical products and waste water treatment.

We operates in an international environment with a global presence.

We built up a strong market position by offering a differentiated service to its clients based on safe working practices and completing projects on time, on budget and to meet the highest standards of quality.

Business segments:

Ecotec – a technology – oriented plant construction company.

Ecotec with partners is a system provider offering both its own technological know-how and know-how granted under licence based on technologies which have proven their worth in the field. Well-proven Ecotec technologies

We have many years’ experience in the implementation of processes developed by us from the concept stage through to practical application.

Refinery and Gaz Engineering :

Crude oil processing
(Degassing, dehydration, desalting)
Oil sludge processing
Refinery engineering
Atmospheric distillation
Vacuum distillation
Waste oil refining
Gas engineering
Gas processing
Unterground gas storage reservoirs

Inorganic Chemistry:

Chlor-alkali electrolysis
Chlorine (gaseous or liquid)
Caustic soda (NaOH 33%, 50% or 98%)
Hydrochloric acid (HCl 30% bis 35%)
Sulphuric Acid Manufacture
Gas Cleaning

Plants for specialty chemicals:

Poly aluminium chloride (PAC, PACS)
Titanium dioxide (TiO2 – sulfate process)
Coating of urea granulate
Ammonium sulfate
Molecular sieves, zeolites
Chlorine gas cleaning
Salt purification


Expandable polystyrene
Vinyl chloride monomer
Polyvinyl chloride


The plant is designed for the production of the following types of product:

General purpose polystyrene (GPPS)
High-impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS)
Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN)
Polystyrene compounds with graft rubber and other additives
EPS packagings (including packagings suited for packing foodstuffs)
EPS insulation (including flame-inhibiting types)
EPS for making moulds in foundries

Business Classification:

Our major areas of Operation can be classified into the following:

Chemical and Petrochemical.
Carbon steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, HRL steel pipes and tanks, stainless steel pipes, HC pipes, titanium pipes.
Carbon steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, HRL steel pipes and tanks, stainless steel pipes, HC pipes, titanium pipes.
All types of fittings for flanges of all rate and materials.
PVC, PVC.C, PP, ABS, PVDF, PTFE pipes and fittings, tanks and custom made pieces according to your drawings.
Tanks, towers, exchangers etc. in carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, HC, nickel.
Valves of all types: plug, ball, membrane, butterfly, check, gate, pincers.
Special alloy, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, ball valves with flanged or threaded ends.
All types of plant instruments: flowmeters, thermometers, level indicators manometers, rupture disks, calibrated orifices.
All types of gaskets in natural and synthetic rubber, hypalon, Viton, PTFE, neoprene, dutral; high pressure and temperature gaskets.
All types of bolts, nuts and studs in carbon steel mode 4S, 6S, 8G, 10K, A2 (AISI 304), A4 (AISI 316), HC, monel, polypropylene, PVC, carbon steel, PTFE lined.
Aluminum Extrusions machineries.
Expandable polystyrene.
Vinyl chloride monomer.
Polyvinyl chloride.
Industry conversion machineries.
All kinds of glass indusrty.
We develop a new proprietary process for the reprocessing of certain forms of plastic waste streams :

Plastic Pallets:

Reduce waste entering landfills.
Create new businesses utilizing the latest in recycling.
Reduce demand on timber.
Reduce deforestation.

Benefits of the Production Process:

Ability to use contaminated plastic
Ability to use virtually any type waste plastic
One step process, no pre-processing of plastic required
High speed production capacity
The only process to successfully bind plastic molecules from different
Grades of waste plastic
Plastics that do not readily breakdown in landfill disposal.

Benefits of RIL Plastic Freight Pallets:

Pricing competitive with wooden freight pallets
On average RIL plastic freight pallets are 20-30% the cost of other plastic freight pallets available.
Stronger and more durable than timber freight pallets.
International trade compliant and do not require certification.
Low cost of production as the waste plastic used is currently not recycled and therefore has a low value.
The current waste stream is set to increase globally and there markets will be looking for new ways to deal with their waste. Given that plastic consumes 4% of the world’s annual oil output, it makes sense to divert as much plastic as possible from landfills. Range International focuses on plastic that it is not traditionally reprocessed which makes up substantial volumes, this is plastic that still has a life however due to either the initial production methods or subsequent handling it has become uneconomical to reprocess.

We can process all types of contaminated:

Waste plastic. This allows us to strengthen our hold over the waste plastic supply and deliver more end use products.
Plastics that have been mixed with other plastics or have stickers such as bar codes and freight labels. It also includes plastic carrying foreign matter.
Export Pallet
Racking Pallet
Enviro Pallet Euro Pallet

Business Strength:

We have accquired skills and developed strength on our commitment to quality and complian

Flexible approach to financial terms for the customers.
Buyback contracts.
Supplying, Engineering and Planning.
Large Stock Holding.
Continuous Development.
Highly skilled and experienced staff.
Competitive Pricing.

Continuous Development :

We operate a policy of continuous development and investment in order to maintain the high quality of our finished product and ensure repeatability and reliability.Not only supplying product, we provide our clients with high quality product and best service, as we believe that , to satisfy customer is the only key to our success.

Ecotec is in the position to provide professionalism and experience, together with very competitive quotations.

We are an ideal business partner you looking for

We are the only source in the world that provide engineering, machineries, finance and buy-back contracts.

The financial stability and continuous growth of the Our Group are guaranteed by the diversity of business activities in various industrial sectors. If there is decline in certain business sector we make success in another.

It is a cycle interconnected with mutual synergy. Thanks to it, we boast to be an ethical, strong and stable partner who is able to open door to our customers and to strengthen their position on the domestic and international markets.

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