Egypt 🇪🇬

  • Greenhouses plastic production lines produced by our partner Bandera

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Plastic film for greenhouses

Customer: National Company for Protected Agriculture 

  • Agricultural greenhouse equipment Motors, Fans, by our partner Fenglong

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO Printing equipment

  • Printing machines, by our partner BFM

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Production of greenhouses by our partner MSC

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO.

  • Egg complex,breeding houses and poultry houses. by our partner Big Dutchman 

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Turnkey Factory Liquid eggs, by our partner SANOVO

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Pipes production factories partnership between NSPO & Drossbach

Customer: NSPO

  • Banner equipment and machinery by our partner MENZEL and SILTEX Customer: Plastic factory National Service Projects Organization
  • Pivot irrigation and drip irrigation equipment, by our partner BAUER Customer: East Alewinta company
  • Cattle, Cows, by our partner Livestock bovine – Klinger

Customer: National Service Projects Organization NCAP

  • Animal ncinerator equipment by our partner Addfield .

Customer: NCAP

  • Meat and hamburger plant

Customer: National Company for Cooling.

  • security systems Camera, surveillance, by our partner WISI

Customer: military intelligence Authority,Administrative Control Authority, Presidential palaces,The General Intelligence Authority,Most of the sovereign ministries

  • Equipment for manufacturing polycarbonate sheets, plastic bags, polyethylene, and plastic bags, by our partner Colines

Customer: Plastic factory – National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Equipment for manufacturing polycarbonate sheets, plastic bags, polyethylene, by our partner Colines, Statec Binder

Customer: Plastic factory,National Service Projects Organization NSPO

  • Cooling, boiling and slaughterhouse equipment, by our partner the Mavitec

Customer: NCAP

  • Automatic equipment, drilling rigs and irrigatin equipment’s. our partner Caffini

Customer: East Owainat Company

  • Measuring devices and diesel generating unitsproduced by Pramac. Customer: Engineering Management – Black Sand Company
  • Firefighting equipment produced by our partner Flamark, Everlux and Avengr
  • Supplying cold redail machine by our partner GFM Customer: factory -300, Ministry of Military Production
  • High speed inspection system, Universal lab, Tanks Ammunitions,Hydraulic press, Banding eccentric press , concrete blocks factory, Aluminum Customer: Minstry of Miltary Production
  • Army and police uniform by our partnert KOROKO

Customer: UAE police, KSA land forces, KSA Navy

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • AL Rajhi Medical center with our partner Arc2 lab
  • Almarai Company (dates factory – poultry slaughterhouse – feed – refrigerator complex – firefighting system – slaughterhouse waste line – olive oil factory)
  • Navy base in Jubail (firefighting equipment and training structures)
  • King Abdul Aziz Base in Tabuk (organized by the fire brigade and the power station for the base)
  • The ground forces base in Al-Qassim (clothes, shoes and firefighting equipment)
  • Southern Frontier Corps
  • Nadec Company (feed – compost factory – cow milks – milk cows – olive oil factory- alfalfa supplies – cottonseed supplies – feed factory – packaging plant)
  • The Ministry of Education (firefighting systems and fire extinguishers in all schools)
  • Ministry of Transport (warehouses and laboratories)
  • Prince Khalid bin Sultan farm (dates factory – supply of sheep – supply of seedlings supply of veterinary medicines – supply of horse houses – supply of seeds)
  • The Ministry of Agriculture supplying incinerators, establishing a laboratory for treating the palm weevil – the firefighting
  • Riyadh Airport supplying measuring devices and customs devices)
  • Endowments of Sheikh Muhammad Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi in Riyadh and Qassim (Dates factory – the largest soil and dates research laboratory in the Middle East – supplying viscera – line of refrigerators – supplying chemicals from Al-Nasr company)
  • King Abdullah Air Base in Jeddah
  • King Faisal Air Base in Taif
  • Herfy Corporation
  • Star company in all branches
  • Riyadh Airport and Jeddah Airport (full protection systems)
  • Al Jazeera Paints Southern Region
  • Fawaz Al Hokair Group of Companies Al-Humaidhi Company
  • Alali Holding Company
  • Al Mustayed Trading Company
  • National Company for Mechanical Systems
  • Control Circuit Company
  • Endowments of Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi in Riyadh and Qassim
  • Military hospitals in Najran, Jizan and Abha Al Falah Hospitals
  • Tadawi General Hospital – Dammam
  • King Khalid Hospital in Hail
  • Maternity and Children Hospital in Buraidah (Health Affairs in Al-Qassim Region)
  • Najran University and Qassim University, Princess Noura University
  • Kingdom Tower
  • Insurance Towers, Olaya Main Street

UAE 🇦🇪

  • ADNOC Company
  • Morjac Corporation
  • Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi Fit Well Group
  • Alpha Stars
  • ITEP International Group

Bahrain 🇧🇭

  • Ministry of housing
  • Ministry of Culture
  • A group of Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa
  • Jouhair Investment Group

Jordan 🇯🇴

  • Ministry og Agri . Tomato paste factory
  • Erbed City , Slaughterhouse
  • Army Supply Authority
  • Ministry Of housing

Qatar 🇶🇦

  • Al Nema group
  • Al Qataria Althwelia dates factory
  • Qatar Colerain
  • Sheikh Khalid Group , Firefighting, Refrigeration
  • Ministry of Environmental