We are distinct by the advantage of providing a buy-back method of transaction. It is an efficient means of attracting capital, services and technical know-how, while reducing expenditures, and expanding exports.

We also guarantee the buy-back of the products manufactured by us.

Our company is the only one in Arab world and one of the fewest in the world that can implement this procedure.

We are not only suppliers.

We finance.

We are experts in local and international marketing as well.

You will not only have a factory.You will have an international name, because we buy your products and sell them in Europe by means of our buyback contract.

Ecotec has Partnership & Agencies with the best well-known trading & manufacturing companies in the world.

Our strategy is operative in :

Food Industry, Glass Industry, Slaughter Houses, Rendering and WWT., Dairy Products, Refrigeration plants, Packing Machines, Water Processes, Civil construction and Public works , Interior Design, Tiles, Aluminum Industry, Firefighting Equipment, Medical equipment , Chemical and Petrochemicals.

for several years. Our partners activities, in cooperation with our company, qualified by Top insurance company in the world, consist mainly in supplying industrial installation and subsequently buying back the products of the same installations.

General Overview

Our partners may be defined as trading organizations that tackle and solve a wide range of business problems by organizing, negotiating and managing every stage

(contract, finance, logistics etc.) of the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer of the installations.

Our parties do not handle advertising or promotion but may purchase and sell on behalf of third parties as well on its own behalf.

It offers cooperation in connection with the introduction of products on one or several markets, it can assess the feasibility and convenience of operations, providing assistance throughout the various stages, from initial contact with the customer through to the drawing up of a contract, and, if necessary, it can take over management in the case of a commitment to counter-purchase.

Technical Overview

We use a special type of contract in our transactions.

Namely a buy-back contract with unique characteristics.

The contract consists of various parts:

First of all there is a main sales contract for the installation referred to as the “ purchase contract ”.
Then, there is a “ buy-back contract ” relating to the products of the installation.
Each backed up by a letter of credit.
Finally, there are additional contracts defining the technical specifications for the production line, technical support in connection with the installation and operation of the machinery and if necessary, the supply of raw materials.
The two main contracts are separate and independent, linked only by the fact that the corresponding letters of credit become effective at the same time
Many different problems are encountered when engaging in trade with countries with a weak currency and drawing up international contracts, costs are high, and a guarantee of payment is fundamental.

Our organization array of contracts ensures that the investor is able to market the products from the new line from the very beginning of production i.e. during the most critical stage for the operator entering in the market.

After this stage, the investor will be able to operate autonomously throughout the world market.

The buy-back contract, covering 5 years period, ensures the return of a sum equal to the initial expense, allowing the operator to make a name for his factory amongst the many users of the product.
L/C for the buy-back will be open by a first class Swiss bank, confirmed, irrevocable and revolving covering the full project amount and payable in 5 years.
In view of the great complexity of the contract and the many different factors that can interfere, it soon becomes clear just how important the services of a trading company actually are.
The new products of interest for buy-back are

Glass Bottles.
Chemical and Petrochemicals.
Oleo chemical products.
Food processing plants.
Tomato paste.
Potato flakes.
Tropical juice and concentrate.
Egg powder.
Fish meal.
Rendering product
Vegetable oil.
Vegetable meal.
Minerals & Coal.
Fruit: concentrate juice.
Fruit packed for final distribution under
Particular conditions and circumstances
Others different products.
A buyback allows mutual benefits for our customers and us, by presenting facilities to our customers for having
easy ways to pay the price of the factories and open the way to them in international marketing.
We prove ourselves as a distinguished company.


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