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We have many years of experience in Olive Oil turn-key plants.

The new revolutionary system for Olive Oil Processing improves the quality of stored and filtered oil, and optimizes the production output reducing drastically the filtering costs.

These are the reasons to choose The Extraordinary Oil Optimizer System.

The system consists of the filtration plant Extra Filterpress, the software AFiCS for automatic control and management of the filtration plant, and a smart storage system.

The filtration plant for oil allows to filter, at very high working pressures, huge quantities of oil in every cycle and whatever kind of raw oil at low temperatures; reduces oil wastes exhausted adjuvant cakes to the minimum level; allows to interrupt the filtration cycle in the evening and restart it the day after, and do the same for several days; executes automatically all the steps, composing a complete filtration cycle.

The filtration plant is extremely easy to use, discharges automatically the exhausted adjuvant cakes and conveys them into a side container, and prevents the oil leaking between the filtering plates.

We checks and manages in automatic and in real time the filtration cycle, allowing to get the maximum output, even for oils, which are very difficult to filter; adjusts automatically the oil flow capacity in the cycle and the quantities of adjuvants to be dosed; maximizes the quantities of filtered oil and minimizes instead the consumption of adjuvants.

We guarantee the desired quality of filtered oil and allow to get the best quality of oil, ready for bottling.

The smart storage of the oil represents the system which allows to improve the oil quality, store oil in the tanks at the desired temperature, survey and maintain the temperature of oil stored into the tanks and survey the quantities of oil available in the tanks.

The values of temperature and the quantities of oil in the tanks are recorded continuously and the consumption of energy to maintain the oil temperature at the desired level is minimized.

Olive Oil: From Branch to Bottle :-


We can offer all the required packaging lines and labeling machines for olive oil with different sizes of cans and glass and plastic bottles.

Different application fields:

The new technology installed on the new  series makes it suitable for multiple application business:

  • Olive Oil – Avocado oil  – Mango oil – Juice  – Sludge
  • Any kind of centrifugal separation