From the latest European Technologies for converting Potatoes into value-added products like

Potato Chips, Potato Flakes, Mashed Potato, French Fries, etc.

The technology is proven and plants manufactured and commissioned by us produce excellent quality finished products.

An exclusive line for producing superior quality Potato Chips.

Complete system for the production and packaging of Potato chips of excellent quality and less fat pickup.

The line is based on technology accepted worldwide, modifications are incorporated to meet the local conditions of each customer.

We provide turn-key project execution along with complete technical support, process know-how, and training.

The line is specially designed for the production of Potato chips of different qualities – Plain, Crinkle, Strip, wings cut, and ‘V’ cut Potato sticks.

Our Offer

  • Turn-key
  • Finance
  • Buyback Contract

Machinery for

Potato Cleaning, Destoning, Peeling, Inspection, Blanching, Cooking, Cooling. Potato Chips, French Fries, Banana Chips, Snack Pellets,

Sheeted Snacks, Ethnic Snacks, Peanuts, etc, Nuts and other traditional Snacks blanching of slices, strips, cubes of any root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, etc

High-capacity machines for continuous peeling of root vegetables like Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots, etc.

System suitable for online application of dry ingredients i.e. Salt, Spices, Flavours, etc. for coating on a variety of snacks i.e. Potato Chips, Banana Chips, Fried Snack Pellets, Extruded Snacks, Nuts, and other traditional Snacks.

System suitable For blanching of slices, strips, cubes of any root vegetables like potatoes, carrots

Excellent product quality and less oil in the product.

High-performance continuous oil filtration unit filters every drop of oil 2 to 3 times every minute to remove fines to maintain better oil quality.

  • Indirect oil heating and less oil in the system for good oil quality and better oil management.
  • Hygiene by design.

We offer a continuous line to produce Potato Flakes of superior quality.
The process of converting potatoes into potato flakes involves many stages. Producing good quality potato flakes is the result of controlling the operating parameters of all the equipment involved in the production process.
Perfect process control and the right quality raw material and ingredients will assure excellent quality finished products. The yield ratio of raw potatoes to flakes is approx. 6.7:1 and re-hydration ratio of potato flakes to potato mash is 5.

Product Application

Wide application in the snack food and processed food industry to produce fabricated Potato chips, Extruded Snacks, Snack Pellets, Battered breaded products, etc. Potato Flakes can be easily reconstituted with cold water, which led to their widespread use as an ingredient.

Potato flakes are used in every household because of their convenience, low cost, acceptable quality, and easy reconstitution in cold water.

This product has very good demand and wide application in Restaurants, Fast Food joints, Catering services, and Feeding programs, etc.
Potato flakes have many uses. It can be used for retail trade, institutional trade, ingredients in food processing, baby-feeding, and other uses as well.
Potato Flakes are used by professional end-users all over the world to complete a broad range of products including potato specialties, readymade meals, mashed potatoes, instant soups, pasta (gnocchi), bread mixes, various snacks, baby food, etc.
One main advantage of potato flakes to their dehydrated potato counterparts is that they can be easily reconstituted with cold water.

French Fries Line
We can supply complete continuous french fries lines from 300 kg/h up to10000 kg/h of finished frozen products…

Our lines usually have a ratio of 2 to 1 of fresh potatoes to french fries; however, this is dependent very much on the potato quality as well. We can supply complete continuous french fries lines from 300 kg/h up to 6000 kg/h of finished frozen products.

Whether you want your strips straight, corrugated, or diced,

We can provide you with a suitable cutting system to suit your needs.

With our up-to-date technology and the support of our many years of experience,

We assure our customers nothing but first-class quality products from our lines.

Our customers are official suppliers of the most recognized worldwide “Fast food chains”

This exclusive line meets the highest quality standards of Fast Food joints and other specific market demands.

We offer Turn-key installation along with finance, process know-how, and technical support for projects to produce Frozen French Fry.

It includes a process line, refrigeration system, freezer, and building storage for Frozen products and packaging


The flexibility of this line allows it to meet all process demands to produce French Fries of various types especially Par fried oven and Microwave as well as different cuts – Plain, Crinkle, Steak, American, etc.

Advantages & Features

  • Single source of System supply
  • Double stage blanching for an improved product.
  • Pre-drying for low-fat pick-up for par-fried type.
  • Continuous nubbin and Silver removal system.
  • Highly efficient multi-flow frying system.


With support of European companies and the help of our highly skilled engineering staff, together we can supply state-of-the-art machinery.

With our experience and highly skilled European engineering staff, together we can supply state-of-the-art machinery according to the newest technologies available worldwide.

Our lines usually have a ratio of 4 to 1 of fresh potatoes to potato chips; however, this is dependent very much on the potato quality as well.


Wonderful and exciting snacks that come in many different and exciting varieties…

Pellets are semi-finished products that are the core of the snack industry considering their characteristics (shape, texture, and of course the taste) determine the attributes of the edible snack after frying. In the past, the pellets were manufactured in a manual way, by means of dough vapor cooking, cut, and finally sun-dried. Nowadays, highly sophisticated technologies are utilized to mix powder ingredients, to extrude and cook the dough, to shape the pellet.
Die forming, stamping, piercing, are traditional systems of shaping the pellet, while the most recent technologies allow obtaining 3D and pillow shapes by bringing and cutting two sheets of dough together.

We have complete solutions for your Snack needs. Whether it’s the Pellets you’re interested in (raw materials of the line), the specialized pellets Frying line, OR the Packaging lines in the final stage… you can find it all here with us.

We are your number one-stop for the ingredients and machinery to produce them.

We are sure that among our 50+ assortments, there is at least one that can capture your attention.

Our pellets are produced with the most advanced food quality and safety principles available to date.

Our frying lines employ the newest technologies available and guarantee you an excellent quality finished product.

We are sure that one of these capacities will suit your needs.

Some examples of our assortments are:

Potato by-products:

Potato Flakes Line, Mashed Potatoes Line, Gnocchi Processing, Potato Duchess, Potato Croquettes, and other formed potato products.

Did somebody say by-products? Perhaps you might not have thought about some of these lines as by-products of other potato processing lines.

In our system, you can have a complete potato processing plant by using all the potatoes

entering your facility such that the only waster that you’d have would be the skin, which we have a remedy for that too! When we say “potato by-products”, we’re categorizing other products which can be either combined with some of the above lines or they can be independent lines.

For example, in the French Fries line, some potatoes are always rejected after they’re formed into sticks. What can you do with these?

Or another example is for the potatoes that enter your facility. After grading you might see a huge amount of the potatoes to be useless for your primary line.

What are you to do with these? Aside from these situations, you might want to diversify your outputs using raw potatoes themselves as the input to these lines. The choice is all yours!

Some examples of these lines are as follows below.

Mashed Potato Line

This is one of the favorites consumed all around the world!

Imagine yourself buying a product and all you need to do is microwave it or warm it (oven).
This means No Washing, No Peeling, No Cooking, No Mashing, No Water/Milk adding… and all this mean No Problem!
Hence, it’s understandable that why today more and more ready-to-eat products are consumed and have never been so popular!
This has a very good market in many countries throughout the world. We have the entire line required to produce Mashed potatoes, whether as a by-product of your mainline (ex. French Fries) OR as a stand-alone line.
We can customize our lines to meet the demands of each individual customer based on their needs.

Potato Flakes Line

What are Flakes and their uses? you might ask.

Potato flakes are one of the two forms of dehydrated mashed potatoes. The other form is called “potato granules”.
Potato flakes are dehydrated mashed potatoes made by applying cooked, mashed potatoes to the surface of a drum dryer fitted with applicator rolls, drying the deposited layer of potato solids rapidly to the desired final moisture content, and breaking the sheet of dehydrated potato solids into a suitable size for packaging.

Potato Duchess, Potato Croquettes, and other formed potato products
Did somebody say diversity?

Every producer knows that diversity in production is an important key to stay competitive in this global market. Especially now with many economic barriers removed and regulations alleviated, the “global village” is indisputably establishing itself. Hence, whether you want to produce formed potato products from the waste of your mainline, or would have this as a separate and parallel line; we have the solution for you. Potato Duchess and Croquette and other formed potato lines follow more or less the same process with the difference of the forming sections and sometimes a few additional machines.

Most of these formed products are first turned into mashed potatoes and thereafter they are formulated, formed, and frozen (the 3 f’s).

Sulfated Potato Line
Are you looking for a line to produce potato strips like french fries but without the oil ?

Well, this is your answer to a non-oil operation in your facilities and still obtain the perfect shape and the characteristic of french fries