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Succeeded to Ecotec Industry Group is specialized in providing whole plants for processing & packaging tomato processing lines, other fruit paste /puree/ juice / and concentrate from  A to Z.

Thanks to nearly many years’ self-development & innovation and the mergence  of technology from America & Europe,

Ecotec has mastered her own competitive technology from fruit receiving, pulping & finishing, cold / hot breaking, pre-treatment, vacuum evaporating to tube in tube sterilization and aseptic bag fill overseas processors & customers, ever from quality, price and quantity

Ecotec should be full of competition. By now, the tomato lines  produced by our group with different kinds has been in good supply to various countries like USA, Russia, Europe Union, Australia, Korean, Japan, U.A.E., Morocco, Yemen, Suriname, Nigeria ,KSA, etc.

Ecotec and partners are committed to  provide all of our customers the high quality product and service to fully meet/exceed  their requirements and to build up a long-term cooperation with the customers based on win-win principle.

Tomato Processing Plant:

The processed tomato can be divided into the following end user categories:

  • Peeled tomatoes
  • Concentrate
  • Tomato pulp
  • Tomato paste
  • Partially dehydrated tomatoes
  • Tomato powder
  • Ketchup
  • Tomato juice
  • Strained tomatoes
  • Diced tomatoes 

Tomato Fruit Base

Presentation Pattern

Bucket elevator

Suitable for the low or high level lifting of tomato, strawberry, apple, mango, pineapple, pear, apricot, etc.Stainless steel bracket, food class hard plastic or stainless steel bucket. Smooth bucket structure against clamping fruits, and water-penetrate structure to discharge water on the surface of fruits: chain drive; running stably with low noise; speed adjustable by transducer

Fruit washer

Suitable for the washing of many kinds of fruit and vegetable such as tomato, strawberry, apple, mango, etc.Special design of furfing and bubbling to ensure a through cleaning and lessening the damage to the fruit as well.Bubble up continuously like boiling style to make the fruit roll during washing for a thorough cleaning. The fruit will be floating and soil, sand and stone will sink down through a screen in bottom

Fruit sorter

Used to manually choose the fruit such as tomato, strawberry, apple, mango, etc. Main structure with stainless steel. Smooth roller conveying makes the fruit rotate along with the forwarding, which will greatly avoid the choose negligence. Spay high speed water through several groups of spraying heads on top to wash fruits further in the course of conveying and rotation. Running stably with low noise and speed variable

Fruit Crusher

Used to crush the fruit from whole into piece to meet the requirements for the rollowing process. The diameter of pieces is adjustable as per the requirements of the specified project.Stainless steel in contact with fruit.Incorporated Italian technology, Special structure of mobile cross multi-knives groups insides which can improve the effective extraction rate about 2-3% than the traditional structure.


Used to inactivate the pectic enzyme, pasteurize and soften the fruit as well, which is an important step to influence the texture, viscosity and color of the final product. Auto temperature control and the outlet temperature is adjustale.Multi-tubular stru cture with end cover

Peeling, pulping and refining monobloc

Used for the peeling, seed removing, pulping and refining the fruits such as tomato, strawberry, banana, hawkthorn, apricot, etc. to extract the raw fruit pulp out. High quality stainless steel material in contact with product.

Incorporated Italian technology, specail conical type screen structure which can improve the effective extraction rate about 2-3% than the traditional turbo structure. The diameter of screen insides can be customized as per the specified projectrequirements to produce different produce.

Forced external circulated evaporator

Specially suitable for fruit paste(tomato paste/peach jam/apricot jam/strawberry paste/chili paste, etc.), syrup and other high-viscosity product. The tomato paste can be concentrated from 4.5-5.5%brix to 28-30%brix or 30-32%brix or 36-38%brix according to different customers’ requirements Incorporated Italian technology and made as per Euro standard.

According to the different product application, there are two kinds: forced external circulated evaporator and falling film style evaporator.

Tube in tube monoblock aseptic sterilizer

Four layer concentric tubular structure, the inner two layers and the outside layer go through heat exchange medium and the middle for product to maximize the heat exchanging area and efficiency, make the temperature even and then thoroughly sterilize the product.Full made of food sanitary stainless steel. Full auto PLC control system, HMI(Human Machine Interface) operation and manual buttons as standby, which can ensure the real-time monitoring the running situation. Fulll auto CIP(clean in place) and SIP(sterilize in place) availabe simultaneously together with aseptic filler.

Automatic aseptic bag filler

Incorporated Italian technology, work together with the tube in tube sterilizer, specially suitable for fruit/vegetable paste or juice or juice concentrate, dairy product and other high viscous or fluent product.

Mainly composed of aseptic filling system, electronic weighing system, roller conveying system, computer PLC control system, online label printing system(as optional), operation platform, etc.

*  Sauce Processing  *

Applications (some examples):

Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Dressings, Dips, Baby Food ,Classical Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Soups,


Mixing EmulsifyingDispersing Size Reduction Direct + indirect heating Deaerating (Vacuum)Cooling .

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