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We are a manufacturer of complete lines for the food industry. As a result of the market requirements focuses became

Slaughtering of Red and White Meat, Meat Processing, Poultry Products, Chicken House, Fish Processing and Fish Framing, Rendering and WWT., Refrigerating plants and Cold Stores .

Subsequently, We established a construction department of its own allowing it to handle international turnkey projects
Our-Departments provide specialists for :
  • slaughtering – for live stock, poultry, fish
  • processing – for meat, poultry, fish
  • civil engineering – for cold stores, freezers, wastewater treatment, buildings and building facilities, Turnkey plants
  • special equipment – for rendering plants, feed mill plants, egg processing, breweries, bakeries, dairy plants, can production and food canning
Slaughterhouses :
  • We are the biggest manufacturer of butcher machine for cattle, sheep, poultry, fish.
  • We can design,produce and install the completely turn-key slaughter and abattoir machine of all sizes.
  • We supply all kinds of meat processing machines, for any piece of equipment, even if not mentioned on our website please contact us
  • Our strong points are the machines addressed to the de-feathering, scalding counter-rotary,finishers, tail-pluckers put us today at the biggest suppliers worldwide. Of a recent introduction, are the plant forms of medium-small dimensions to satisfy the demand of African, European and Middle-Eastern markets that need simple and low-automated plants, suitable local needs, seen the remarkable storage and transport difficulties still current nowadays in the majority of these countries.
  • Generally, they are plants of a low cost and with a remarkable hand-operability that allows therefore a control of the hygienic-sanitary aspect and introduces the local workers in a really short time, marking them well fitted to receive the first automation
POULTRY Processing :
  • Only the best we offer to the Poultry indestry
  • We provide the poultry industry worldwide with the latest technology in processing equipment aimed at increasing our customers’ profitability.
  • We offer complete systems as well as a wide range of equipment, from live bird handling, eviscerating, cut up, deboning, (fixed weight) batching and packing up to and including intelligent management information and production control software.
  • We offer a complete line of processing equipment for chickens, rabbits, turkeys and ducks. .
  • We provides complete plant equipment out of one hand.
  • We required, also turn-key plants are offered
  • We provides full service to the client, starting with the planning, assistance for financing, delivery, installation supervision, training of local staff, quick spare parts delivery, maintenance and after sales service
  • We manufacture a diversity of machines ranging from Live Receiving and Killing and Defeathering up to Cut-Up and Deboning and Further Processing.
  • All machines are made of non rusting materials like stainless steel, aluminium and food approved synthetic materials
  • All Our Poultry Slaughtering Equipment is Made in Germany
The following is a list of currently Showcased Equipment :
Poultry slaughtering and processing :
  • A staff of designing engineers and long time experienced poultry specialists care for smooth manufacture and operational liability of the machines and production lines.
  • Production lines with a capacities up to 24,000 birds per hour are manufactured in our subsidiary in Barth.
  • Our offers the complete range of supply from reception of the birds up to weighing and cutting up for turkeys, ducks or broilers no matter if a largely manually operating or a full automatically operating line is requested
Sheep and Cattle Processing :
  • We are a leading manufacturer of Cattle, Sheep , Goats , Camels slaughters including all kinds of equipment related to the system. With good group of expertise,
  • We have successful installed many completely slaughter production lines in many countries.
  • We are specialized in designing, building and installing the complete line for big and small slaughter house as the local tradition and some religions.
  • We can do all kinds of slaughter house machine for all animals with high quality.
  • Halal Cattle Slaughter Equipment Production Line
  • Our group achieved high quality many lines of livestock and the poultry in the Middle East and overseas. After twenty long years of experience and effort,
Slaughtering equipment for cattle and sheep :
  • We produces and supplies slaughterlines and conveyour systems for  catlle, sheep, goats, camel, buffalos
  • Our experience satisfies the requirements of our world wide customers. our-equipment is designed for an optimized grade of animal wellfare, operational safety, hygiene, environmental protection and product quality.
  • We produces and assembles slaughtering plants for :
  • cattle from 5 to 60 animals/h-
  • sheep/goats from 20 to 500 animals/h
Meat processing :
Our specialists plan your complete production processes for :
  • Meat products, cutted, sliced, minced, formed, tumbled, injected, fresh, frozen, smoked
  • Sausages, boiled, raw, smoked
  • Canned products
  • Convienience products
  • Including required packing machines and miscellaneous equipment for ready-for-sale
  • Chicken House ( BROILER FARMS ) :

Poultry farming Whether keeping animals in their natural environment, efficient climate and feeding technology or special weighing and counting systems – as a provider of complete systems we have the necessary know-how when it comes to professional poultry farming.As your competent partner, we are available to our clients around the clock and offer a broad spectrum of technology for optimum housing conditions. Keeping Through us you will find the right keeping concept for layers, broilers, broiler breeders, ducks and turkeys. We provide the perfect blend of maximum freedom of movement and efficient exploitation of space, resulting in optimal slaughter weight. Climate engineering Professional climate engineering in agricultural livestock farming extends from regulation and control of ventilation and heating through to humidifying systems and air purification. With our versatile climate regulators for all types of ventilation we guarantee optimum conditions. At the same time, we attach great importance to ease of installation and simplicity of operation. Feeding technology Feeding represents an important building block in the interplay of keeping techniques. We offer you an extensive range of products, including feed computers, silos and transport systems, as well as mixing and weighing containers. Feed Computers For registration (consumption), feeding, distribution/dosing of feed, alarm systems etc. Silos and Transport Systems

  • Silo designs in four different diameters with volumes ranging from 4-50 m3 in sheet steel or GFRP
  • Pneumatic or mechanical filling
  • Worm feeds and spirals with a conveying capacity of 1,200-26,000 kg/h and a length of 10 to 60 m
  • V-belt or geared-motor drives

Mixing and Weighing Containers Can be employed as suspended units, units for very fast dosing and for mixing various components Watering For a reliable water supply and to ensure dry conditions for free-range keeping, it is important to be able to establish correct control to balance water consumption and water requirements. In the development process, we also attach great importance to ease of cleaning. We offer

  • Nipple drinkers with and without collecting trays
  • Cup drinkers
  • 360° drinkers (suspended and floor drinkers, compact rearing drinkers, chicken and turkey drinkers)


  • Our livestock weighing computers work on the basis of special practice-proven weighing formulae and therefore guarantee reliable results.
  • Weighing computers for the monitoring of up to eight livestock scales with a capacity of up to 100 kg also form part of our systems.
  • The animals weigh themselves – voluntarily and free of stress at any time of the day. In this way up to 6,000 weighings per day can be achieved.

Fire protection and alarm systems

  • Agricultural housing systems are also exposed to many fire hazards which are often not recognized.
  • With our system we offer a hitherto unique fire-protection concept.
  • This is a system which has already proved itself in practice in all environments.
Equipment for RENDERING plants :
We aim to be right up there with the best when it comes to rendering solutions. Irrespective of whether you need a completely new processing plant or you want your present plant optimised. We also offer maintenance solutions to improve your processing plant – this also means, of course, that we’ve got any spare parts you might need quickly to solve any operational problems. We aim for all the solutions we deliver to meet your unique, individual requirements.
  • We are  the leading supplier of rendering plants.
  • We plan and design rendering plants for all kind of slaughtering waste.
  • Recycling plants for animal carcasses, slaughter wastes, bones, poultry offals, feathers,bristles, blood, leftover food,foodstuff leftovers, Wastes from the leather industry and fatty wastes
  • Disc drier to dry meat pulp, pomace, sewage sludge and greaves.
  • Plant components for biogas plants
  • The design is tailor-made for the wastage capacity that accumulates in your slaughtering plant.
  • In addition to the traditional rendering plant we can also provide combustion furnaces to burn.
  • We offer Buy-Back  contract for the Rendering end Product.

Our systems engineering enables a profitable and environmental recycling and processing of slaughter wastes and leftover food . Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWT.) :

WWTP for Slaughterhouse
  • Chicken
  • Red Meat
  • Sanitary Wastewater
  • Pre-cleaning system:Rotary drum
  • Curve sieve
  • Rack sieve
  • Rotary screen
Cleaning ( Standard)
  • Flocculator
  • Flotation
  • Sedimentation
Biological cleaning
  • Aerobic biology
  • Anaerobic biology
  • SBR –Technology
Membran Technology

FISH & SEAFOOD Processing :

  • From the initial process of scaling, grading, heading, filleting and skinning of fish to the further processing of fish and seafood,
  • We can supply the exact equipment for your business. On-shore and sea based systems available.
  • Seafood and fish processing machinery can quite often be specific to a particular species, whether pelagic or dimersal or at least to those with a similar bone structure. Ecotec and partners can assist you in finding the correct equipment for your particular product whether you are processing halibut, hake, sardines, herring, ling, whiting, red fish, tuna, mackerel, haddock, sole, salmon, cod, trout, prawns, scallops, or more exotic species such as tilapia, angulas, squid or octopus.
  • We can supply processing lines of producing ready to cook meals, convenience style meals, creating the need for high speed further processing equipment and production lines such as pate, tuna steaks, fish paste, dressed crab, lemon sole goujons, diced fish for paella, canned sardines or anchovies all require unique fish or seafood equipment.
Equipment for FISH processinges :
Fish processing equipment by us is an individual solution which regards your specific requirements and local conditions no matter whether your location is
  • At the arctic circle
  • At the equator
  • An inland waterFish slaughtering and processing
FISH slaughtering and processing :
  • This department offers you individually adapted solutions for the whole scope of the fish industry keeping in mind above all the local requirements.
  • Our experience covers primary products from fresh water and seawater, freshly caugh or frozen, from the arctic circle to the equator.
  • This knowledge enables us to offer you safe solutions and operating reliability of your plant at any place in the world.
  • We will engineer and produce the equipment for your complete production line from the first step to the finished “ready for sale” products

Elements of the plant :

  • Defrosting, storage, ice generator (1)
  • Filleting (2)
  • Frosting (3)
  • Salting (4)
  • Smoking / Drying (5)
  • Marinades (6)
  • Convenience products (7)
  • Cans (8)
  • Packaging (9)
  • Weighing technology (10)
  • Cleaning, hygiene (11)
  • Further equipment (12)

Processing and packaging of fish, shellfish, and convenience products

COLD STORES -Turn Key buildings on highest technical standard :
  • Our standard means high quality materials.
  • Hot dip galvanized steel structure combined with insulating panels, modern refrigeration-door systems and equipped with a tailor made refrigeration unit complete a perfectly working cold store solution.
  • In order to shorten the construction period most of the supplied items are prefabricated and will have to be assembled and screwed on site only.
  • Our supervisors will guide, assist and accompany during the construction period
Spiralfreezers :
  • The optimised compact design of this equipment allows to meet nearly all requirements of our customers in best time owing to the high degree of flexibility that can be applied for selecting assembly groups and components.
  • Our long-standing experience in the construction of spiral freezers and in the conceptual design of custom-tailored installations for food production and processing provide optimised technology on little space and easy maintenance.
  • This results in an excellent price-performance ratio and very low cost of operation.
Equipment for STORGE solutions :
  • Our scope of performance reaches from prevalent manually operating storage solutions to automatically operating high bay storage systems.
  • Everything will be balanced for your demands from our engineers, from consumable supplies like foils and labels to miscellaneous items like pallets, stacking frames and boxes to ground conveying vehicles, software and hardware components and at least to the complete building.
  • The total supply for your storage mission from one partner
SPECIAL Equipment :
  • This department is subdivided into the partitions “food production” and “pet food production”
  • The engineers are handling extremly valuable products like milk, dairy products, cereal, eggs and beer but also hatcheries for chicken and live stock and wastages of slaughtering
  • In this department you will also find contact persons for bakery equipment and pasta production
Project-Engineering :
  • We will accompany you from the very first moment of your project
  • Together with your local engineers, technological staff and your financial managers we will create an optimised solution in all of these matters
  • Assisting to your engineering stuff we will be helpful to give any information that is required for your local authorities and external local planners.
  • For the construction period We will provide you with our supervisors for the installment of the equipment and the training of your labourers for their prospective independent operation
Turn-key projects :
Also if buildings themselves or building services like HVACR for your plant are required, our staff will be pleased to give you any assistance you may need.
When selecting the components we focus our attention on :
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Low operating costs
  • A high grade of operational reliability
  • Durability
  • Reliability, especially at difficult climate conditions
  • Easy procurement of spare parts
  • Reasonable, affordable prices
Convincing Systems ENGINEERING :
Acomination of most-modern systems engineering band our own and proven method :
The utilization of animal carcasses and slaughter wastes is one of the most established procedures concerning the processing of organic wastes.
Due to state-of-the-art technologies and several decades of experience, Our Technology Group today manufactures most modern plants, in accordance with all requirements in association with the hygienic control of epidemics as well as with the legal regulations, conform to the European standard. Innovative control and automationtechnologies enable unique all-in-one solutions in order to guarantee an automated or conventional production process –precise and custom-fit, according to your requirements.
Valuable products :
Our plants for animal carcass- and slaughter waste recycling enable the manufacture of high-quality products.
Animal meal as feeding stuff, fertilizer or combustible, animal fats of the chemical industry used as basis for various final products and fuels.
Professional assembly and start-up :
Our expert teams install your entire plant incl. electrical control system and put it into operation.
A quick and reliable service as well as a worldwide spare parts service :
Down times cause high costs. Our guarantees a quick service by experienced experts as well as short-term spare parts supply.
Due to decades of experience when it comes to design, project planning, manufacture and operation of plants in all sizes in the field of animal carcass- and slaughter waste treatment, Our process engineering for the processing of organic wastes and  the manufacture of high-quality products is among the most modern production methods worldwide.
Permanent innovations for maximum returns :
Our plants and systems engineering are the result of year of experience and client-facing development work. Our systems are upgraded continuously, not least in the interest of environmental protection, better energy exploitation and increased efficiency.
Expert consulting :
We give all the advice and practial support our customers may require. Our Technology Group provides you “all from one single source” solutions. This package includes a comprehensive consultancy as well as specific analyses and planning in order to develop an individual solution for your specific situation. Our engineering and process services guarantee the greatest possible utility for all machines and plants. Planning an optimum capacity utilization or selecting an effective procedure from the economical point of view, our project managers and engineers work out optimized solutions.
Looking back on 30 years of experience :
  • You can trust in the expertise of our Technology Group.
  • We can reflect more than 30 years of experience in terms of project
  • Planning and construction of plants for organic wastes and recycling.
  • Our plants conform to the strict regulations of a species-appropriate disposal and recycling.
If a piece of equipment you are looking for is not mentioned in this section, contact us for more